Monday , 2 February 2015
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  • Japanese Cultural Night @NUS!

    Japanese Cultural Night @NUS!

    やさしぶり皆~!;3   I’m back from Kyoto n_n Really didn’t want to come back because I miss the weather, food and the pretty scenery >.< I actual...

  • Hello Japan February Highlights

    Hello Japan February Highlights

    HELLO! JAPAN presents gourmet discoveries from Japan, plus quirky films this February! The month of February will soon roll in and with it comes a host of new a...

  • New Year 2015 for Cute-Pop Entertainment

    New Year 2015 for Cute-Pop Entertainment

    Dear Readers, I hope all of you have a fantastic holiday season so far.  It has been quite some time since I wrote about personal stuff on, perhaps...

  • Hello Japan January Highlights

    Hello Japan January Highlights

    HELLO! JAPAN Presents Kyoto Tales, Exclusive Movie Premieres, and Detective Opera Milky Holmes TD Simulcast from Japan this January! The month of January will s...

  • Best Japanese Youtube Comedy Channels

    Best Japanese Youtube Comedy Channels

    aka my list of the best channels to “Watch Japanese Youtubers Do Stupid Things And Laugh At Them”. Previously, I posted a list of 10 Japanese Youtub...

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