Tuesday , 23 December 2014
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  • Hello Japan January Highlights

    Hello Japan January Highlights

    HELLO! JAPAN Presents Kyoto Tales, Exclusive Movie Premieres, and Detective Opera Milky Holmes TD Simulcast from Japan this January! The month of January will s...

  • Best Japanese Youtube Comedy Channels

    Best Japanese Youtube Comedy Channels

    aka my list of the best channels to “Watch Japanese Youtubers Do Stupid Things And Laugh At Them”. Previously, I posted a list of 10 Japanese Youtub...

  • Top 5 Rides at Universal Studios Japan!

    Top 5 Rides at Universal Studios Japan!

    If you only have time for 5 rides at Universal Studios Japan, these are the five not to miss. ...

  • 11/11 = Pocky Day!

    11/11 = Pocky Day!

    11 November in Japan is affectionately known as Pocky Day thanks to the fact that the enjoyable snack looks just like the number 1! In Singapore, most of us gre...

  • Hello Japan December Highlights

    Hello Japan December Highlights

    HELLO! JAPAN Introduces Jidaigeki (period dramas), Internet Shopping Prince, and a Host of Lifestyle Programmes This December! Plenty of new and exciting progra...

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