FUNimation updated their blog recently noting that each Friday leading up to Halloween, they’ll be posting up a horror movie or series for those looking for spooky watching material on the weekends.

The latest big title you can now watch on their site is Hellsing Ultimate. Alucard will always have a special place in my heart, and I think it’s a great choice for celebrating Halloween. And it now even has some fun copy in its summary:

Remember when vampires had fangs? Remember when they were known as terrifying monsters that stalked the night, instead of moody teenagers that sparkle in daylight? It’s time to drive a stake through the lovesick heart of contemporary vampire nonsense. Satisfy your bloodlust with Hellsing Ultimate, the definitive action-horror anime.

Other titles that’ve been added as Friday Frights are Soul Eater, Danganronpa: The Animation (see also: Brittany’s Final Impressions), and The Future Diary. Click on the links throughout this post to see their listings on FUNimation’s site!

FUNimation has your horror fix  screenshot

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