hatsune miku makes friends with WataMote

Vocaloid fans who watched the 6th episode of Watamote: were treated to a special surprise at the end of the episode.

Entitled Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Go See the Fireworks, in the episode Tomoko Kuroki (the series’s protagonist who’s a queen at playing otome games and who mistakingly believes that she’d be just as popular with guys in the real world as she is in the games) runs into hygiene issues after a marathon session of gaming, learns about the birds and the bee from… cats and ants, and goes out to see the fireworks at her local summer festival.

There, Tomoko discovers Hatsune Miku. Who performs J-pop/rock band Whiteberry’s hit song Natsu Matsuri at the festival.

Here’s the original version of the song for reference, complete with English subtitles for its lyrics (turn on closed captioning):

WataMote – No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! is available on legal streaming site Crunchyroll.com in the US. Simulcasted every week on the same day as Japan.

hatsune miku makes friends with WataMote Hatsune Miku sings Whiteberrys Natsu Matsuri in the ED for Watamote EP6

Source: Crunchyroll News

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