It’s not often that Studio Ghibli delves into the world of TV anime but according to a new report the famed studio will be doing just that with the help of Polygon Pictures who will producing the animation. In the report, it was revealed that Goro Miyazaki (a name you might recognize from Tales from Earthsea and From Up on Poppy Hill) will be directing a new series based on the novel Ronia, The Robber’s Daughter from author Astrid Lindgren. The series will premiere this fall on Japanese airwaves. 

In the synopsis, the story is described as being about a girl named Ronia who lives in Medieval Europe and grows up with a clan of robbers (which would explain the title). As she grows up she learns to live in the wilderness with the help of her parents and one day has an encounter with a boy named Birk which changes everything. 

I’m personally all for this project and hope that it finds a solid audience. While I haven’t seen everything that Ghibli has put out there (has anyone?), I do try my best to see as many of their new releases as I can and my initial instincts tell me that this is going to be a winner. Is anyone else looking forward to checking this one out? Sound off in the comments!

Via Animation Magazine

Studio Ghibli, Goro Miyazaki to create fall TV series screenshot

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